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Rake Mark Web Design offer 3 great e-Commerce website options. Each option offering different levels of design and support, meaning that you pay only for what you need and don’t get bogged down with bulky extras you don’t.
e-Commerce and on-line selling is the fastest growing market and we want to make sure that you are fully informed about your investment, so all our managed websites have Google Analytics implemented so you don’t miss a thing.

All of our e-Commerce website options are fully scalable and offer a flexible approach so that as your on-line business takes off your e-Commerce website solution can handle the load and grow as your business does.

e-Commerce Websites designed for your on-line success

Unlimited Categories :: - Add as many categories to your e-commerce website as you like.
Bespoke Design :: - *Designed to map with your current brand or perhaps something totally new.
Analytics :: - Keep a close eye on how your website is performing with integrated Google Analytics
Discount Manager :: - Adding discounts is no problem with our e-commerce website solution.
 Unlimited Products :: – Add as many products to your e-commerce website as you like.
Product Search :: - Users can search for a specific product or code.
Product Variants :: - One product, multiple colours, no problem add it once, and then add the variants.
Business Blog :: - Build a on-line community with an intergrated business blog within your website.










As always with a Rake Mark Website we strive to keep things simple and with our E-Commerce offerings thing are no different.

3 options to choose from, and we can get your on-line venture off the ground and your website live in a few easy steps. In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Simply Setup 2. Helping Hands 3. In Our Hands
Who is this option for: Who is this option for: Who is this option for:
The perfect solution for the ‘techie’ minded that likes to work things out for themselves and is confident with problem solving and used to using a web interface. Great E-Commerce Option for those that use the web often but could do with that little bit of help to get them started but once shown can manage their own website. Full setup to your specification, Designed to your specific branding and company’s needs.
Custom Page Set-up and Creation and Signposting.
Un-supported First 3 months of Phone Support with 12 months on-going Ticket Support Telephone, Ticket and Email Support throughout
for just £250.00 +vat for just £895.00 +vat for just £1895.00 +vat
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