Adding a Twitter Widget to your Website

Website changes we can do, but so can you !

Over the last few weeks we have been asked on multiple occasions how to put a twitter feed on your website and if we can do it for you. Well the simple answer is Yes, of course we can do it for you however you can also easily do it yourself.

  1. Go to your twitter account and login (sign up if you don’t have one) – Twitterdotcom
  2. Go to the top menu  (on the right) and click on the drop down and then settings (shown below) Step-1
  3. From the left hand side menu (at the bottom) click on menu Item ‘Widget’. Now from with the panel on the right click on “Create New”.Step-2
  4. Alter the height setting to suit, the background can be altered (light or dark) whichever goes best with your website design and the link colour. Step-3
  5. Now just copy and paste the HTML code Snippet into your website or CMS.

Job Done ! Now your website is kept up-to date and fresh with all your tweets.

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