5 Ways to Write Content Google Loves

Great Google Content1. Throw away your ‘Keyword Density’ handbook   –
We have all heard of Keywords, Key Phrases and keyword density but long gone are the days where we stuff our pages with keywords and ’Hey Presto‘ we Rank Number 1 in Google (not that was ever the case ) but some habits are hard to get out of so just to be clear …
There is little evidence that any one ‘Keyword Density’ algorithm will make your website prime picking for Google and indulging in such SEO practises is likely to have the opposite effect and do more harm than good.

2. Relevant Content –
Stop over thinking what Google and the other search engine are reading on your web pages. Yes think carefully about what you’re adding to your pages but write you content for a human to read NOT a Search engine.
Good quality, relevant web page content is the basic ground work for a solid, well ranked website. Worry less about what search engines will see and more about what your users will see and build from there.
Remember …..  Relevant Content is King!

3. Keep it Fresh –
Keeping your website interesting and current will ensure that the search engines keep coming back to your website for updates.  Get Blogging with relevant articles, tutorials and help files. Add a news section and be one of the first to publish relevant updates within your industry or business sector.

4. Title It –
Don’t forget how important your title is – and yes I am going to say it again …. Make it relevant. If you want your users to ready your content, first of all they have to be interested in the Article itself and often the title is the only snippet they get. Short, Sweet and  Yes … make sure it’s Relevant.

5. Go on … share It! –
The more your article, post or webpage is shared via Social Media channels the more important it is. No, I’m not talking world stopping important but the more interest people show in your pages by sharing and tweeting and posting, the more relevance Google will associate the keywords within your pages.

Editing your Webpage with WordPress CMS

Editing the pages within your website if you have a WordPress CMS is really simple. But just as a reminder we have written a quick screenshot tutorial as a refresher.

Step 1: From the Menu on the left, select the tab  ’Pages’


Step 2: You will see all the pages in you website in a list. With your mouse, just hover below the Header/ Name of the page (a options menu will appear as shown below), click Edit.


Step 3: The existing webpage content (text and images) with show in a HTML editor. Click inside the editor, edit your page and then click update.



Setting the status, visibility and dates of you pages (and posts) is also really simple. A great management  feature for scheduling your news and blog articles.


Simple … your webpage is now updated and is live on the web.

Adding a Twitter Widget to your Website

Website changes we can do, but so can you !

Over the last few weeks we have been asked on multiple occasions how to put a twitter feed on your website and if we can do it for you. Well the simple answer is Yes, of course we can do it for you however you can also easily do it yourself.

  1. Go to your twitter account and login (sign up if you don’t have one) – Twitterdotcom
  2. Go to the top menu  (on the right) and click on the drop down and then settings (shown below) Step-1
  3. From the left hand side menu (at the bottom) click on menu Item ‘Widget’. Now from with the panel on the right click on “Create New”.Step-2
  4. Alter the height setting to suit, the background can be altered (light or dark) whichever goes best with your website design and the link colour. Step-3
  5. Now just copy and paste the HTML code Snippet into your website or CMS.

Job Done ! Now your website is kept up-to date and fresh with all your tweets.

Your website can benefit from progressive enhancement

Have you heard of the term ‘progressive enhancement’ in relation to web design? If you haven’t, or lack thorough knowledge of the definition of the term as it relates to web design, then you – and, more crucially, your website – could likely benefit from your educating yourself on this particular web design procedure. Furthermore, Rake Mark can provide web design Stafford services which can greatly assist you in using high quality progressive enhancement as part of your website. This, in turn, can – as this blog post should make clear – greatly enhance the website’s accessibility and, thus, popularity.

A straightforward definition of progressive enhancement

The Internet is commonly accessed through a huge variety of computers and other devices. Such computers and devices vary hugely in their power and speed; hence, many people can struggle to use their computers and devices to load a website as quickly as many other people can do so using their computers and devices. It is for this reason that progressive enhancement has become an increasingly useful web design procedure. Progressive enhancement basically involves developing a website in layers to ensure that the website can be accessed just as easily through a big variety of computers and devices.

How Rake Mark can assist in creating effective progressive enhancement

We offer a great variety of web design Stafford services which can greatly assist you in developing a similarly great variety of layers for your website and, thus, create effective progressive enhancement for your website. It is straightforward to use the Rake Mark website to learn more about this great variety of web design Stafford services – and, of course, if you have any unanswered questions about our web design Stafford services, don’t hesitate to drop us a line using any of the relevant contact details on our website. We eagerly anticipate helping you!


An introduction to skeoumorphic web design packages

‘Skeoumorphic’ – now that’s a word that you probably shouldn’t attempt to utter ten times fast. At least not in public, anyway – you’d just look silly. However, what does ‘skeoumorphic’ – we just love repeating that word – actually mean? Or Perhaps a much worthier question is: What are skeoumorphic web design packages? That’s the question that we are going to answer in this blog post – but you might not be surprised to hear that high quality skeoumorphic web design packages can be courtesy of Rake Mark.

So, what does ‘skeoumorphic’ mean?

To get an idea of what ‘skeoumorphic’ means, first, look at your wardrobe. Do you have clothes with fake decorative pockets? These are skeoumorphic pockets, as they are intended to look like, but not serve the same purpose as, real pockets. Then, think of those flame-shaped light bulbs that, when switched on, look like lit candles. Those, too, are skeoumorphic. So, basically, anything skeoumorphic is something that has been designed to look almost entirely like an object or objects from real life.

What, then, is skeoumorphic web design?

Basically, skeoumorphic web design involves giving a website an element with a strong visual similarity to a real life object. A website with a background that looks like the top of a table, for example, has a skeoumorphic web design. Similarly, a website with links in graphics that look like chocolate buttons has a skeoumorphic web design. We at Rake Mark can provide many businesses with web design packages that can greatly enable them to benefit from skeoumorphic web designs. These web design packages include our 5 page starter package, which is especially ideal for businesses inexperienced with the web, and our CMS package, which enables businesses to stay on top of their website content 24 hours a day without having to pay any update charges.

Upcoming devices that our web design Staffordshire services can take account of

The smartphone and tablet markets are ever-changing beasts, with more and more new devices regularly being launched into these markets and more and more companies regularly making their first forays into these markets. All of this can have many implications for how websites should be designed in order to remain effective, but Rake Mark’s web design Staffordshire services can take account of these implications. Here are just some of the smartphones and tablets that could soon be going on sale.

New Nexus devices

Many Google Nexus devices have proved popular and currently rumoured future Nexus devices include the Nexus 5 smartphone, which is rumoured to succeed the Nexus 4 smartphone and have an expansive 5.2-inch display, and a new generation Nexus 7 tablet, which is rumoured to have a 1,920×1,200 pixel screen compared to the 1,280×800 pixel screen of the currently available Nexus 7 tablet and a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera.

Smaller Windows 8 tablets

There have recently been many indications that smaller Windows 8 tablets will be going on sale before the end of the year. Here at Rake Mark, we should be able to take account of this especially easily with our web design Staffordshire services, as by the time such tablets will arrive, the people responsible for delivering our web design Staffordshire services will be thoroughly familiar with the operating system, which is already running on many desktop and laptop computers and even some tablets.

New Apple smartphones and tablets?

Apple have shown few signs of resting on their laurels as competing companies attempt to trump them in the smartphone and tablet markets. Currently heavily rumoured are the iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2; could all three be unveiled by Apple at a press conference held this autumn? We think that many signs heavily suggest so.

Innovating Effectively with Rake Mark Web Design Stafford

When designing websites, attempting to innovate can be a true double-edged sword. Done effectively, innovating could lead your website not only to be easy and enjoyable to use, but also to become a big trendsetter among other websites. All of this, in turn, can help to attract more visitors to your website as word of its great design spreads. Done ineffectively, however, innovating can leave your website’s visitors feeling needlessly frustrated. Here are some tips for how to innovate in the right way when you use web design Stafford services courtesy of Rake Mark.

Avoid just using technology for the sake of it

Though it can be easy to be wowed by a recently-introduced technology, you should resist using it for your website if it fails to add any true functional or aesthetic value to it. Innovation does involve taking risks and exploiting promising opportunities, but not using a new technology just because you can.

Keep things simple

As a general rule of thumb, if your website is so innovative in its design that you have to educate your visitors about how to use the website, you have probably innovated a little too much. The problem with making a website design too complex is that it can deter people from staying with your website to see what of substance it offers.

Avoid a tendency to show off

Some website designers can be tempted to add many bells and whistles to a website simply to show off their web design expertise. But what is the point of this if it sees the website sacrificed in both its functionality and appearance? Consider how your website’s design can convenience your website’s visitors, rather than satisfy your ego as a website designer. You can do this with help from Rake Mark’s web design Stafford services


How many small businesses could benefit from web design packages

Web Design PackagesThough all businesses are naturally largely concerned with how much money are they earning, small businesses are often especially concerned, as every little source of revenue they have can be highly valuable even just to their survival, let alone their growth. Hence, small businesses naturally tend to appreciate anything that can help them to bring in extra revenue and attract new customers without necessitating any major financial outlay on their part. It is mainly for this reason that small businesses can especially benefit from drawing on web design packages like those available from Rake Mark.

Straightforward but effective

Web design packages can ultimately help small businesses through enabling each of them to set up a website quickly and afford-ably  Web design packages can more precisely help small businesses through enabling each of them to set up a website that they can use to raise brand awareness, increase enquiry levels or sell products directly to customers. Furthermore, web design packages can be highly useful to small businesses that are inexperienced in developing websites, as each of the packages usually includes everything that a business lacking great knowledge of advanced website building techniques like graphic design techniques or HTML coding would need to build a website.

Considerable choice in packages

Here at the Stafford-based web design firm, Rake Mark, we offer a great variety of web design packages for use by a great variety of small businesses; many of these web design packages come with templates for web pages that the businesses can adapt to suit their own needs, plus simple graphics elements for navigation and links, among other typical aspects of websites. Small businesses using such web design packages can also easily maintain their websites through using intuitive content management systems

Examples of how e-commerce websites could benefit from our responsive web design Stafford services

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then chances are that responsive web design needs no introduction; indeed, it has often been cited as the future of web design, thanks largely to the ever-increasing diversity of devices that are being used to view and use websites. Furthermore, Rake Mark can provide effective responsive web design Stafford services for many companies. Below are just a few examples of e-commerce websites that already use responsive web design and how other e-commerce websites could benefit from the responsive web design Stafford services available from Rake Mark.

Examples of e-commerce websites

The e-commerce websites that have benefited from responsive web design are from companies from all over the world, not just the UK. These companies include Curry’s, who are one of the relatively few UK retailers who have adopted responsive web design for their website. Meanwhile, such companies based abroad include US snowboard retailer Burton, US specialist tie retailer Skinny Ties and German homeware retailer Attika.

How you could benefit

Even a brief perusal of any of the e-commerce websites for the aforementioned companies could give you some idea of how responsive web design could benefit your e-commerce website. However, there are also many reasons why your e-commerce website could especially benefit from the responsive web design Stafford services available from Rake Mark. Not only would a responsive web design ensure that your e-commerce website would remain just as easy to view and use regardless of the devices being used to view and use it, using responsive web design Stafford services from Rake Mark would ensure that you benefit from the relevant knowledge and experience of a good UK company.

Considerable customisation is possible with Rake Mark’s web design packages

It should go without saying that, if you are preparing to set up an online business, then you will want the website for it to be attractive and capable of pulling in customers. However and furthermore, saying this would be rather simplifying what you will really want in the website. Indeed, in order for your company’s website to fulfil the aforementioned criteria, it has to be most attractive to the very particular types of people that are most likely to buy your company’s products and/or services. Thankfully, the web design packages available from Rake Mark can help many companies all over the UK to create websites just like that.

A variety of packages

This is largely because each of the different types of these web design packages permit a great degree of customisation. This continues to apply whether the person drawing on any of the packages is a web design novice, veteran, or something in-between. For example, an ‘In Our Hands’ package can provide a business with a comprehensive setup to their specification and designs to their specific branding and needs, plus much support from Rake Mark. Meanwhile, a cheaper ‘Simply Setup’ package allows a business that is thoroughly experienced in web design to work things out without receiving any support from Rake Mark.

Tools for online success

Our web design packages also come with many other tools that businesses can use to develop their websites precisely to their liking. The packages enable the businesses to be, for example, unlimited in how many categories and products they can add to their websites. These web design packages also enable businesses to opt for bespoke designs for their websites and also add product variants to their websites. There really is an amazing wealth of possibilities.